World Childless Week 12th-18th Sept 2022

World Childless Week aims to raise awareness of the childless not by choice (cnbc) community and enable every childless person to share their story with confidence. It’s for anyone who is childless despite their longing to be a parent because they have never been pregnant (for any reason), not carried full term or have suffered the sadness of a baby born sleeping. All our Ambassadors and founder Steph, are childless not by choice.

We are here for you through the year, we get louder in September

If any of the daily topics stir your emotions, you can share your words and express yourself freely through World Childless Week. Anonymous submissions also welcome.

12th September – Your Stories
13th September – Childless and Single
14th September – A Letter to My Younger Self
15th September – Childlessness in the Workplace
16th September – It’s All in God’s Plan (religious comments that hurt)
17th September – We Are Worthy
18th September – Moving Forwards

Find out more about the week and how to submit here

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