Look who arrived!!! My very own plush Uterus!!!😍😍😍

Habib ordered me this utterly adorable Uterus for my birthday (2nd of Dec 2020) and it has travelled to me (via shipping) all the way from the U.S.

Strangely, it was held up in transit for nearly 3 months and finally arrived today, at long last!! Absolutely LOVE my new uterus!! πŸ’—β€πŸ’™

My Uterus has a story which I wanted to share – The first time I saw one of these was on social media, with the lovely Kristen Peterson (back in 2015 when I *first* started my MRKH journey) and I had wanted my own one ever since, but somehow, I just didn’t feel emotionally or psychologically *ready* to have one. In 2015, I wasn’t at the stage in my MRKH journey where I could accept a plush uterus…the sadness, the grief and the emotional turmoil was too great at the time for me.

So, I decided I’d allow myself time and wait until the day I was *ready*. During 2020, after 5 years, I felt I was finally at a stage of MRKH acceptance where I was emotionally and psychologically *ready* for my own plush Uterus. So, my sweet Habib decided to get me my very own one for my birthday, in December 2020.

However, like me, my own plush Uterus took time, got lost along the way and went through a bit of a journey of its own, before it could finally find its way into my life.

The symbolism and irony of this makes me smile!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜I’d say the extra β€˜wait’ was definitely worth it!!

I truly believe everything happens at the right time for each person, thanks be to God. Everyone is on their own journey and everyone will heal at their own pace.

It took me five years to be *ready* and then it took nearly 3 months to arrive but now, I can happily say, welcome…to my very own Uterus!!!!


Hasna xx