Challenge: 5000 minutes of activity in 50 days

Since 2021 MRKH Connect have run the 5000-in-50 which is an international initiative to raise awareness for MRKH. This year’s event starts 2nd June!

Inspired by ‘Run for Heroes’ and other in-person ultra-challenge events that were held online since the pandemic this challenge is designed to bring the community, and our supporters, together wherever they are with the collective goal of promoting their own physical and mental wellbeing in the pursuit of raising awareness of MRKH.

Different to previous years this year’s virtual event focuses on a personal challenge and commitment to dedicate time for you and your own physical and mental health and wellbeing! So this years 5000 in 50 is 5000 minutes of activity per participant over 50 days which equates to 1.5 – 2 hours per day – this seems like a lot but a great challenge to set yourself with wellbeing and/or fitness and actually dedicating that time to our own personal goals is so important.

By participating we also want to promote a sense of community and have lots of group activities and events planned where you can come together to log time collectively.

This event has been designed to make it as accessible as possible and there are a range of activities to choose from under the following themes.  These have been made to be as broad as possible so there is something for everyone and could include:

  • Fitness: running, cycling, walking etc
  • Wellbeing: meditation, yoga, pilates etc
  • Writing: Journaling, blogging, poetry etc
  • Arts and Crafts: painting, sketching, crafting

We will also have a number of additional community events where everyone can come together including:

  • Social events: virtual and in person social events to log activity together including
    • Connect with Friends series on 2nd July 2023 (just for MRKHers) – sign up now!
  • Fitness and Wellness events: focusing on physical and mental health
    • Mindful and Kindful Challenge a 21 day challenge from Heather Klemanski starts 18th June – sign up here!
    • Body Positive Origami with the wonderful Femigami on 19th June (free to all participants, Register now!)
    • Strength.Stretch.Support with the wonderful Sunni Anne Ball on 25th June sign up now!
    • How to defy your inner mean girl with the amazing Heather Klemanski 10th July sign up now!
    • Take a Breath a workshop focused on mindful breathing  with the amazing Sunni Anne Ball 16th July (free to all participants sign up coming soon)
  • Sponsor challenges: our sponsors are also working on challenges for us all to keep us all motivated
    • 5000m for MRKH (additional charge) from MRKH Canada on 11th June – virtual participation is just CA$20 with additional prizes to be won, register now!

Prizes and giveaways will be available throughout the challenge from our amazing sponsors and supporters and whether you have MRKH or not, all are welcome to join this event and work together to improve awareness of MRKH and shine a light on the incredible community of MRKH warriors across the world.

Important information 

  • When does the challenge begin? 2nd June
  • How will it work?  This year’s challenge has a personal focus.  You set your challenge, you dedicate the time and register the time spent. This is your challenge!
  • Do I have to be open about MRKH to join the challenge? Not at all, just because we want to raise awareness doesn’t mean that you have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.  Advocacy doesn’t have to be public to be powerful!
  • How much is it to sign up? There is a minimum donation of £10 to complete your registration and every registration gets you a free MRKH Connect gift. Once you have registered follow the PayPal link to complete your payment. Your donations go straight back into MRKH Connect to allow us to continue the work we do and plan for future events.  The registration fee also includes all other MRKH Connect events during the challenge including our Facebook group for 2023 to help with inspiration and motivation and ensures you are in with a chance of some of our amazing prizes and giveaways.
  • Are there any geographic restrictions? No, this is designed to be an event open for all and as the event is primarily virtual there is no geographic restriction.  However the last day of the challenge is Connect LIVE 2023 in London and we hope many of you will join us in person for this fantastic peer support event focused on information, connection and most of all fun.
  • Who can register? Registration is open to all whether you have MRKH or not. We know how important our friends, family etc are in our journey and everyone has a part to play in this virtual challenge to collectively work together to improve awareness.
  • How will I log my hours? When you register you will be asked to generate a username and a little closer to the event we will share details of how the 2023 personal challenge logging will work.
  • Do I have to select just one activity? There is no limit to the activities you can do during the event the key is to challenge yourself and dedicate some time for you in the process. It could also be a chance to try something new!

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Thank You to Our 2023 Sponsors and Supporters