Body Positive Origami Workshop: 19th June 2023 – 7pm BST (UK time)

MRKH Connect are delighted to team up with Femigami again to run this creative, fun workshop as part of the MRKH 5000 in 50 challenge! This event is open to everyone whether you have MRKH or not

Femigami specialises in hosting playful and thought-provoking workshops using the traditional art of origami to create unconventional paper creations, whilst facilitating mindful conversations around body image, feminism and wellbeing.

These unique workshops aim to breakdown stigma and normalise our bodies so that we can feel more comfortable and confident in our everyday lives. In this session you’ll learn how to make feminist icons; an origami vulva and penis amongst some other unconventional paper creations. No prior experience needed!

What you’ll need:

  • x5 pieces of A4 paper (or origami paper if you have it – although not essential!)
  • colourful pen, pencil or biro
  • Sellotape /double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Decorations: think wool, sequins, glitter, stickers – whatever you have laying around at home!

This event is designed so you can use what you have at home and is open to everyone.


This event is free to all MRKH 5000 in 50 participants and counts as 90mins activity per participant!

But everyone is welcome, if you haven’t signed up for our challenge yet then you can do so here – MRKH 5000 in 50 challenge

Not interested in the challenge right now but want to join the event? You can select a donation ticket and still join us 🙂

This event is not recorded, it is designed to be a fun and social event where everyone is welcome to come and get creative with us!