Challenge: 5000 hours of activity in 50 days

5000-in-50 is an international initiative to raise awareness for MRKH and started on May 5th and ending on June 24th 2021.

Inspired by ‘Run for Heroes’ and other in-person ultra-challenge events that have had to be held virtually since the start of the pandemic, our collective challenge to participants is to contribute to the goal of completing a total of 5000 hours of activity, in 50 days in pursuit of raising awareness for MRKH.

This virtual event challenged every individual who takes part, all of whom will be contributed to a collective target of activity whilst promoting their own physical and mental health and feeling a sense of community.

We designed this event to make it as accessible as possible and there are a range of activities to choose from under the following themes.  These have been made to be as broad as possible so there is something for everyone:

  • Fitness: running, cycling, walking etc
  • Wellbeing: meditation, yoga, pilates etc
  • Writing: Journaling, blogging, poetry etc
  • Arts and Crafts: painting, sketching, crafting

During the event we had several community led sessions where participants can choose to join in with one of the many specific in challenge events planned and log activity together to help motivate and encourage each other including our Wellbeing workouts led by Sunni and also the MRKH Journaling and Art Club.

We collated 5 great prizes from across the MRKH community as well as giveaways and incentives throughout the event and we thank everyone for their support

Check out our event hashtag #mrkh5000in50 to see posts across our social media during the event – @mrkhconnect.

In 2021 we had 84 participants from across the world contributing to and amazing 5274 hours in 50 days.

We really hope enjoyed this year’s event and hope you will join us next time

Important information 

  • When does the challenge begin? 5th May
  • How much is it to sign up? There is a minimum donation of £5 to sign up. Once you have registered and verified your email address you will be redirected to the donation page to complete your registration. Your donations go to MRKH Connect to allow us to continue the work we do and plan for future events.
  • Are there any geographic restrictions? No, this is designed to be an event open for all and as the event is virtual there is no geographic restriction
  • Who can register? Registration is open to all whether you have MRKH or not. We know how important our friends, family etc are in our journey and everyone has a part to play in this virtual challenge to collectively work together to improve awareness.
  • How will I log my hours? When you register you will be asked to generate a username and also select whether you would like to use your username or first name during the challenge.  You can log your hours using the link about or using our offline worksheet  😊
  • Do I have to select just one activity? There is no limit to the activities you can do during the event the key is to challenge yourself and dedicate some time for you in the process. It could also be a chance to try something new!

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