We recently ran two online events focused on wellbeing exercises with Sunni which were based on pre-recorded videos she had produced.  Sunni guided us through expanded versions of these same workouts in those events explaining breathing, strengthening, lengthening and several techniques to help us focus more on our wellbeing and on the different muscle groups we are working with. 

With her permission we are sharing the pre-recorded videos with you too so you can do the same exercises at home 

They can be adapted, expanded and repeated as you wish all you need is a mat or something soft underneath you 

Who is Sunni?

Sunni was a past professional, world ranked, extreme athlete in the sport of wakeboarding. she has MRKH and advocated at numerous conferences. She is an in-home personal trainer living in Canada with her rabbit, Gloria.

Why not give them a go or combine them together to make a single great workout?

Please ensure to work within your own limits

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Stretch with Sunni
Strength with Sunni