Coming to terms with life without children: The power of sharing and feeling our emotions

A free event on 1st March at 6-7pm CET (Central European Time).

Cristina Archetti is a qualified psychotherapist trained in Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT). She supports involuntarily childless women in coming to terms with a life without children and helping them re-discover themselves and their joy for life.

In this free talk she will share some of the most important aspects she learned through a long and winding journey: from the grief of not being able to conceive, to her activism to raise awareness of involuntary childlessness, to researching about the trauma of infertility, and finally helping others so they do not have to face alone what can be the darkest crisis in one’s life. The talk will be followed by Q&A and the opportunity, for those who are interested, for informal conversation. 

Please note: The event is LIVE and will NOT be recorded.

Bio. Cristina is a researcher, teacher and mentor by training. A World Childless Week Ambassador, she is also the author of Childlessness in the age of communication: Deconstructing silence (download the e-book for FREE here), exploring what it means and how it feels to be childless in a society that revolves around family. She is working on a new book, The trauma of infertility: The experience of involuntary childlessness.

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This is not an MRKH Connect event but this is an important topic that we know is of interest and importance to the community.