This wonderful man is Martin, an MRKH dad to the lovely Laura and he is running the Brighton Marathon on April 7th for MRKH Connect and we are so so grateful.

“This will be the second time I’ve run the Brighton Marathon. Six years since I last competed, so enough time to forget the pain at the end! πŸ™‚ This year, I am raising money for MRKH Connect, my daughter was diagnosed in 2013, and I wanted to help one of the charities that supported her. I think that having a space where you can connect with other people who have been diagnosed is really important. So thank you, and I hope that I can raise some much needed funds”

Martin has been training hard, and battling injury, but in his own words is also very stubborn and is determined to be at the start and we have every faith in him and will be willing him on as much as we can.

Thank you Martin for thinking of us and thank you for the incredible fundraising efforts so far and if you would like to read more about Martin’s story or consider donating please follow the link below.

Martin’s Fundraising Page

This means such a lot to us because as a small volunteer run charity we rely on donations to help us continue to put on events, provide travel bursaries, support other community initiatives and help meet our mission to connect those with MRKH together.

If you are thinking about a fundraising event for MRKH Connect or would like to more about about where your money goes then please get in touch we would love to have a chat or check out our Support us page!