MRKH Connect are proud to share that we are launching a Youth Program!

This program is the first of its kind in our community and has been designed for those diagnosed with MRKH that are aged between 16-23 years old.

Taking over a year to put in place and design, MRKH Connect are offering this program fully funded to ensure that it is accessible as possible for those that wish to participate.

This Youth Program has been inspired by similar youth initiatives and is designed to empower participants and bring with it a new sense of self, confidence and, we hope, new friendships too.

With 6 sessions running over 6 consecutive weeks this small group educational program combines learning, activities and informal conversation.  Each session includes both learning activities as well as practical tools to allow for self exploration and reflection along with activities to do in your own time and is run by qualified Youth Worker, Joanna Mallinson who has been contracted by MRKH Connect for this program.

Speaking about the program Charlie Bishop says “We are so happy to be able to offer this program to young MRKHers as a way to help them develop strategies to get help them move towards acceptance and improve wellbeing.  It is something I personally wish was available when I was diagnosed that would have helped me understand more about MRKH and know I wasn’t alone.  It feels wonderful to be in a position to now be able to offer such a program to our younger community”

Find out more about the program here